The awakening of the Soul in times of acceleration and transition

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The School of the Golden Rosycross organises an English spoken Open Summer Conference 2019 from Friday July 12 til Sunday July 14 in Amsterdam/Haarlem (The Netherlands) with the theme: The awakening of the soul in times of accelleration and transition.

This summer conference 2019 will be in English.  (Dutch translations are available.)

18:00 Welcome and meal
19:30 Lecture: Integration of the inner in daily life
21:00 Temple visit: The symbolic of the temple
21:30 End of program

9:30 Welcome with coffee and tea
10:30 Temple service: From reincarnation to transfiguration
11:30 Exchange in small groups about what has been experienced
12:30 Lunch

13:15 Announcing afternoon program:
(You can choose this program without visiting the conference.)
1. Visit Embassy of the Free Mind and tour ‘Old Book’ (€ 30,-). Read more...
2. Visit Haarlem Almshouses during a city-walk (€ 10,-). Read more...
3. Visit Rijksmuseum; talk with a Rembrandt connoisseur (€ 20,-). Read more...

9:30 Welcome with coffee and tea
10:30 Lecture: From self-knowledge to a new attitude of life
12:00 Visit book shop
12:30 Lunch
14:00 Closing words in the Temple: From desire to fulfilment

You take care of your own overnight stay.

For the conference of July 12-14, 2019 € 50,-
You can also participate for just one day; cost per day € 25,-
Costs for Saturday afternoon program to be paid separately; 
Please indicate which program you choose on Saturday afternoon.

Inschrijven via het formulier op deze pagina; Vul bij opmerkingen in welk programma zaterdagmiddag gevolgd wordt.
Verder graag het bedrag overmaken aan Lectorium Rosicrucianum NL11ABNA0560171579 o.v.v. Open conference July 2019