At the “Egyptian heritage” we said about the Egyptian Mysteries that they reminded the fallen human about his universal origin, the only-begotten Son of God. The Egyptians called the path that the lost son must turn to, in order to get to the Father, the path from the green Osiris to the black Osiris. The green Osiris is the serious candidate who consciously and persistently walks all the way back under the guidance of the Gnosis. He must appear before the tribunal of Osiris, i.e. show a new behavior, a readiness to continue his inner initiation and rise to the black Osiris that is the high goal, the return, the immersion in the Father. The Egyptian system also calls this threefold path Kepler-Mesnaut-Ka, or “caterpillar-chrysalis-butterfly” process. This is the long-known path of transformation, the path of the living soul to the life-giving spirit state; or as the Qatars used to say: formation-reformation-transformation. Spirit-soul.