The path or endura(nce), the path of a student in the gnostic spiritual school, has the primary goal of waking up the true, immortal soul from its sleeping state. As soon as the soul awakens from the deadly sleep, the connection is restored with the Universal Spirit, God. This renewed connection of spirit and soul, God and human is proven in the glorious resurrection of the Other, in the return of the lost son, the true human in us, to the Father’s house. The soul that can celebrate this connection, this unification with the one the Egyptian arch Gnosis calls Pimander, the spirit-soul. This is the unity of Osiris (the spirit) and Isis (the soul), the unity of Christ-Jesus, the unity of Father and Son. This is the fulfillment of Christian Rosenkreutz’s alchemical wedding, the celestial bride and bridegroom becoming one.